Cleaning in Spain

Don't have time to clean your house? Do you want to save money on the maintenance of a full-time cleaning lady of the company? Entrust putting things in order to professionals. Employees of the cleaning company Serviseta are able to easily cope with any task. We know a lot about cleanliness, we know how to create comfort in the room and give the proper look to the local area.

Room cleaning

The modern market is oversaturated with all kinds of offers. Our field of activity is no exception. That is why we strive not only to provide quality service, but also to pleasantly surprise customers with their value.

We are proud that for almost 10 years of impeccable work, we have been trusted not only by dozens of companies and organizations in Spain, but also by individuals. Today we are ready to offer:

  • cleaning of offices, cottages, apartments and entrances;
  • restoring order after the repair;
  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • cleaning with special detergents or washing carpets;
  • washing facades and windows;
  • services of industrial climbers;
  • tinting glass elements of buildings;
  • landscaping of adjacent territories (including pruning of trees and shrubs, removal of efflorescence, cleaning);
  • cleaning of roofs and yards;
  • removal of construction and household waste.

All work is carried out by experienced employees who know their job well.

How we are working?

Serviseta is a team of experienced professionals. They regularly service corporate facilities, and have completed thousands of one-time jobs over the period of the company's existence.

Our employees without fail carry out a preliminary visit to the facility for an examination, which is completely free.

The company is well equipped. When working on objects, we use the following technique:

  • steam generators;
  • vacuum cleaners;
  • vacuum cleaners;
  • scrubbing, sweeping, polishing and rotary machines.

Washing of facades and windows is carried out by our full-time industrial climbers who have all the necessary professional equipment.

When cleaning garbage from adjacent areas, we use special equipment that allows you to quickly clean an object of any size.

Our advantages

Modern service is a variety of services and the struggle for their high quality. The professional approach from Serviseta is not only about the quality of cleaning. We guarantee:

  • the professionalism of our employees who undergo regular advanced training;
  • the materials used in the work are 100% safe and do not cause an allergic reaction (they can be used in rooms where pregnant women, children and persons who are strictly prohibited from contact with certain substances live);
  • For each of our regular objects, a personal manager works with the client, who is always in touch and ready to answer any of your questions.

The cost is determined individually and depends on factors such as:

We provide individual discounts for regular customers. A formal contract is concluded with each of them, which stipulates all the conditions, including the list of works, their regularity, cost and deadlines.

The company values the time of its customers. Our managers around the clock receive and process applications, answer questions, give the necessary clarifications:

  1. area of the premises;
  2. degree of pollution;
  3. the nature, quantity and complexity of the work performed;
  4. urgency of the order.