Stretch ceilings in Spain

Modern interior designs increasingly include stretch ceilings. Such designs give a stylish look to your room, kitchen, corridor and other rooms, hide imperfections and uneven ceilings quickly and effortlessly. Ordering a stretch ceiling from Serviseta means making a smart choice, we will complete the order professionally, affordable and with high quality.

Even inexpensive stretch ceilings can transform any room, they visually enlarge the space, help to refresh the appearance, hide irregularities and other imperfections of any surfaces in a short time.

Stretch ceilings invariably decorate any room, this design allows you to place any chandeliers, sconces and lamps. If you are an adherent of minimalism, you can choose and order a stretch ceiling in a white apartment with the usual small built-in diode lamps. Due to the fact that the canvas is resistant to any temperature, stretch ceilings can be installed even in the cold season.

When placing an order for stretch ceilings, you no longer have to worry about the fact that the neighbors from above will flood your apartment. The PVC film, from which the tension structure is made, does not let water through and holds it securely.

Types of stretch ceilings

Design solutions can surprise with their versatility and stretch ceilings here are no exception. In addition to a huge range of textures and colors, stretch ceilings from Serviseta are divided into several types:

  • 3D ceilings. These are complex, amazing design structures with three-dimensional images that can immerse anyone in the world of the most incredible fantasies.
  • Ceilings with photo printing. Seamless canvases with a realistic, high-quality image will make any room individual, stylish, interesting. Waterproof, bright colors, lack of irregularities and seams, environmental friendliness and durability - these are the advantages of such canvases.
  • "Starry sky". Even in an ordinary apartment in a high-rise building, you can enjoy your own universe, you just have to order an inexpensive stretch ceiling with a realistic image of the starry sky.
  • Two-level or multi-level tension structures. Designed for installation in high rooms, as well as in order to create a delimitation of rooms with a normal height.
  • Stretch ceilings with lighting. Modern illuminated stretch fabrics are a stylish solution for any design and additional lighting.
  • Fabric stretch ceilings. Created from special polyester fibers, which are carefully impregnated with polyurethane. These are high-strength, stable, frost-resistant stretch ceilings. Among their additional advantages are resistance to moisture, dirt, the ability to apply any pattern or print, the possibility of free air circulation through the canvas.

Serviseta offers the most durable, high quality stretch ceilings in Spain at affordable prices.

Advantages of stretch ceilings

The Serviseta company is engaged in the installation of stretch ceilings. Our principles: quality, reliability, professionalism.

In addition to aesthetic appearance, stretch ceilings have a lot of advantages. These include:

  • Structural durability. With proper care and compliance with all operating conditions, the ceilings will last for several decades without repair or replacement.
  • Strength. The material from which the ceilings are made is a high-strength and reliable PVC film. To break such a canvas, you need to make a lot of effort and not always human.
  • Environmental friendliness. Even the most inexpensive stretch ceilings are completely safe for people and animals. They are non-toxic, and the destruction of the ceiling film is completely excluded.
  • Waterproof. If you are flooded, the stretch ceiling is able to withstand a large amount of water. In addition, there is no mold, fungus, moisture, streaks, condensation and fogging on the canvas. The ceiling can be used even in industrial kitchens without harm to the structure.
  • Mounting speed. When ordering the installation of a stretch ceiling, you will have to wait only a few hours until the specialists mount the structure and place it in place. The cost of installing a stretch ceiling is included in the contract with the client.
  • Ease of maintenance. The ceiling is easy to maintain and operate.
  • Even inexpensive stretch ceilings at affordable prices can hide a lot of shortcomings and problems of the base base - bumps, cracks, etc.
  • Smooth surface. Thanks to the use of a laser level, stretch ceilings are perfectly even.
  • Any sizes. You can order a design for a room of any size, and managers will calculate the cost of stretch ceilings per 1 m2.

This is not all the advantages of PVC ceiling film for any premises. You can order the installation of a stretch ceiling in an apartment at Serviseta and see for yourself all the advantages of the structures.

Our advantages for you:

  • A huge selection of stretch ceilings of all types, types, textures and colors.
  • Fast and high-quality installation from experienced specialists of the company.
  • Transparent pricing - all work, from measurement to installation, is specified in the contract.
  • Reliability — up to 10 years warranty for all installed stretch ceilings.
  • Our ceilings are fire resistant, eco-friendly and easy to maintain.
  • We carry out installation of stretch ceilings inexpensively in rooms of any size.
  • Any disputable and conflict situations are resolved in a short time.

You can find out the cost of stretch ceilings and the prices for our services from managers. Leave a request for the price of stretch ceilings, and we will send the current prices to your email address.

Stretch ceiling

Serviseta will be happy to offer design solutions for stretch ceilings installed in rooms of any size: both large and small.

The company's specialists perform the installation of stretch ceilings of any complexity. Professional masters with samples will arrive at customers' homes or offices. They will take measurements, and based on their wishes, they will offer installation options.

We prescribe all the work in the contract: from replacing the switch to complex repairs, and GIVE 1 YEAR WARRANTY FOR OUR WORKS.

We take feedback from each client about the interaction with our employees. This allows us to become even better every day.