Apartment renovation in Spain

Apartment renovation in Spain inexpensively from a reliable company with personal discounts for all Clients. We offer services for the repair and decoration of apartments and premises of various sizes and degrees of difficulty.

In the Spanish apartment renovation complex, Serviseta also performs repairs of country villas, commercial and municipal facilities with any dismantling, construction, repair and finishing work. Do you want to decorate interiors in an original style? As part of the turnkey apartment renovation service package, we will create an interior design project at our own expense and carry out its full implementation.

How much does it cost to renovate an apartment in Spain, in your case, you can find out during the initial assessment of the scope of work by the foreman: call us and the consultant manager will sign you up for a consultation with a local specialist.

Prices for turnkey repairs

Prices for apartment renovation in Spain offered by different companies, and even more so by private teams, can vary considerably. The cost of renovating an apartment in Spain is influenced by many aspects, including the cost of materials. The Serviseta company makes it possible to purchase them with our assistance at wholesale prices. In this case, each client can count on good discounts, due to which the price of repairing an apartment will decrease significantly.

Prices for renovation of apartments are calculated individually, per square meter. Even at the measurement stage, the master will advise on the selection of materials - thanks to this, the repair price per square meter will be the most optimal for you.

Apartment renovation


Economy class cosmetic repairs

  • floor leveling
  • Replacing sockets
  • Ceiling painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Laying laminate
  • Indoor cleaning
  • Delivery of the object


Renovation of a turnkey rough apartment

  • Designer consultation
  • Leveling walls and ceilings
  • Putty walls and ceilings
  • floor leveling
  • Installation of electrical wiring
  • Installation of all plumbing
  • Laying tiles
  • Stretch ceiling installation
  • Floor covering installation
  • Cleaning and delivery of the object

Elite renovation

Exclusive renovation according to the design project

  • Design project development
  • Dismantling and garbage disposal
  • Walling
  • Surface priming
  • Alignment and preparation of walls
  • Curved ceiling installation
  • floor leveling
  • Complete wiring replacement
  • Laying tiles
  • Plumbing installation
  • Wall and ceiling painting
  • Laying strip parquet
  • Cleaning and delivery of the object

Comprehensive repairs from dismantling to general cleaning!

  • Design engineering. We will develop a design project taking into account your wishes and current trends
  • Redevelopment of the premises. We do remodeling of any premises in combination with the legalization
  • Installation of PVC windows, glazing of balconies. We produce plastic windows with turnkey installation, we perform glazing of balconies and loggias
  • Dismantling works. We carry out the dismantling of walls, floor screeds, finishing materials of all kinds
  • Electric installation work. Installation, repair and replacement of wiring, lighting, sockets, switches, routers
  • Plumbing work. We carry out the installation of pipes, risers, radiators heating, repair and replacement of old plumbing
  • Finishing work. We carry out high-quality finishing of walls, floors, turnkey ceiling, stretch ceiling installation
  • Installation of furniture, connection of equipment. On request, we carry out the installation of cabinet and built-in furniture + electrical connection

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