Interior design in Spain

Creating a new interior is a long way from idea to implementation. Serviseta interior design studio does everything to make the interior design process as comfortable and simple as possible for you.

Here you can not only order a design project, but also use all the necessary services to create a unique interior (all services and prices you can see here):

  • interior design of apartments, houses, public and commercial premises
  • full project support
  • selection and completion of finishing materials, ordering furniture and decor
  • certified construction crews

Professional interior design cuts repair costs by almost half!

Already at the design project stage, we lay materials for your budget. Accurate drawings allow you to do without rework during repairs. If necessary, we purchase finishing materials at wholesale prices, just in time, or promptly select a replacement, which allows us to avoid interruptions in repairs.

Saving money, time and effort with consistently high quality with amazing service!

We create turnkey interiors, so we ensure high quality at all stages of work. A wide range of services and excellent knowledge of the furniture and materials market allow us to professionally implement projects. Also in the interior design studio Serviseta discounts are provided and promotions are constantly held.

Interior design

  • Architecture. Architectural design of residential buildings, cottages and villas. We carefully work out the future space, taking into account all your wishes and the laws of ergonomics. Already with the arrangement of furniture and equipment!
  • Selection and purchase of finishing materials. We select and purchase finishing materials and equipment of any production and according to your budget. Timely deliveries of finishing materials save up to 50% of repair time!
  • Interior design project. Creation of an individual and unique design project with the most complete set of working drawings (from 20), and photorealistic visualization, which will allow you to clearly see the future interior and, if necessary, make timely corrections.
  • Order custom-made furniture. We know the bespoke furniture market very well. This will save you a lot of time and nerves) Exact compliance with the project is the most important thing for furniture! And you do not have to delve into all the subtleties of production.
  • Author's supervision. Author's supervision is an integral part of the design project implementation. With it, you can be sure that the result will be as close as possible to the project, and all the questions of the builders will be answered.
  • Decor, textiles. The final decor and textiles are the final touch in creating the perfect interior. It allows you to create a truly unique character that will embody your personality and cozy atmosphere.

How we are working?

  1. FIRST MEETING. At the first meeting, we discuss the characteristics of the object. Your stylistic preferences, individual nuances and much more. This allows us to accurately understand your desires and find a common language for further communication. We can also come to the site or meet at our office.
  2. CONTRACT SIGNING AND PREPARATION OF TERMS OF REFERENCE. The details of the terms of reference determine how accurately we will be able to implement all your wishes, take into account all the features and minimize the number of edits in the future. In the contract, we indicate the actual terms and cost of all work, which we strictly adhere to in the future.
  3. PLANNING DECISIONS AND FURNITURE POSITIONING. This is one of the most important design steps. After all, the further quality of life in the finished interior will depend on its results. We make 3 primary options, and, after discussion, we finalize the final result, which will completely suit you.
  4. 3D PHOTOREALISTIC VISUALIZATION. You can clearly imagine your future interior, thanks to visualization. Alterations at this stage will not bring you financial losses, unlike changes made at the repair stage.
  5. DEVELOPMENT OF A PACKAGE OF WORKING DRAWINGS. The accuracy and literacy of the working drawings determine how quickly and efficiently the repair will take place according to the design project. We make from 20 to 40 drawings, depending on the complexity of the project, which are created together with the engineer and guarantee professional quality.
  6. SELECTION OF FINISHING MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT. At this stage, the final budget of the project is determined and depends on how the final result will be similar to the visualization. For an ordinary person, this can be a very difficult task, since up to 250 positions can be used at one facility. And for each of them there are hundreds of possible options. We are well versed in a huge range of materials and we will select for you only the best offers.
  7. AUTHOR'S SUPERVISION. Support of the project at all stages of implementation. Control of the construction team and the result of their work. Joint selection of materials, with control of their compliance with the project and compatibility with each other. With architectural supervision, you can sleep peacefully.