Plumbing services in Spain

Hello! Do you need plumbing services at home or in the office with a tool and a free visit?

Our experts are ready to help you! 

Both a city apartment and a villa outside the city need high-quality timely maintenance of communications. A competent approach to work allows you to keep plumbing systems in good condition and not spoil your repair. No need to look for craftsmen by ads in newspapers – in Serviseta in Spain you can order plumbing services around the clock and at a nice price!

Skilled plumber in Spain from Serviseta will arrive on a call to any district of the city within 24 hours with the necessary tools. He will diagnose plumbing equipment, establish the cause of a breakdown or leakage, agree on the cost of work and reliably eliminate malfunctions using high-quality materials.

A blockage always appears at the most inopportune time. It does not allow normal use of sewerage and water supply, and can also interfere with the operation of household appliances. Our service will deal with any type of blockage. We will diagnose the problem and offer the most effective way to clear the blockage in the pipes! We also fix leaks in pipes, toilets, washing machines or dishwashers. If you need an urgent departure, we are always happy to help too!

You can call a plumber to your home around the clock. Departure and consultation are carried out free of charge. Our professionals will remove blockages, eliminate leaks and breakdowns, if necessary, perform installation and dismantling of installed communications, you can also order calculations, budgeting and other services.

What is the cost of services

When making a call, the customer may inquire about the prices for plumbing work. The calculation takes into account the complexity of the necessary activities, the time of the application and other factors. Payment is made after the necessary work is completed.

To determine the cost of plumbing work, you will need to call us by phone and talk with the manager. Provide the following information:

  • Customer address.
  • The nature of the failure.
  • Convenient time for the master to visit you.

A plumber will go to your address after you discuss the details of the order with the dispatcher.

If you need a plumber urgently, let us know – a specialist will be sent to your address immediately.

Returning to us for help again, you can count on a discount that is provided for all types of our services. Just say the address of the previous application.

Call a plumber

Contacting Serviseta – a guarantee that the necessary work will be completed on time. Locksmiths and plumbers use knowledge, experience and modern technologies in their work, which eliminates any delays. In addition, each client receives the following benefits:

  • Full compliance with cost and quality;
  • Possibility of cashless payments;
  • 10% discount on all types of services for pensioners or for re-applying;
  • 24-hour service without breaks and days off throughout the city;

Contact the dispatcher to call the wizard. You can get detailed advice from a specialist.

Our advantages

  1. A rare coincidence of price and quality!
  2. Our plumbers have extensive experience not only in the installation of pipes and appliances, but also in daily maintenance of both apartments and office premises, as well as general house communications. Based on their experience in installation and repair, they take into account every little detail.
  3. Highly qualified welders work for us. 
  4. There is a cashless payment Visa, Master Card. Warn operator!
  • Call a plumber around the city for free!
  • Consultation.
  • Repair, replacement, installation of plumbing of any complexity.
  • Installation of heating, turnkey plumbing, in a cottage, apartment, office, etc.
  • Estimates, area calculations.